founding support

SOULPATCH has been developed from the sweat and grit of extremely dedicated individuals and the generosity of many organizations who have tirelessly given their expertise, time and donated vital resources.​

  • Diverse Metamorphosis - Peoria, IL

  • Partners with Nature - Peoria, IL

  • 7 Circles Heritage Center - Edwards, IL

  • Eagle Ridge and Friends - Peoria, IL

  • Wake the Farm Up - Indiana

  • Clear Creek School House - Kentucky

  • - International

  • Hands On Earth Permaculture - Kentucky

  • Cincinnati Permaculture Institute - Ohio

  • Soul Springs - Michigan

  • Permaculture Action Network - California, Michigan, Kentucky

  • Orion Organics - North-Central Illinois

  • Individuals from across the region including but not limited to:

Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois

  • Recycled Glass Globe Lights provided by Mack Glass - Champaign, IL

  • Pallet Materials provided by Community Workshop and Training Center - Peoria, IL

  • Media curation, photography and promotions support from Level Up Management

  • Photography support from Joshua Albanese, Jason Kaczorowski and many more.  

And the continued support and trust from

Summer Camp Music Festival and Three Sisters Park.