interactive garden walk


Festival patrons can both passively and actively engage in demonstrations representing basic garden principles and advanced permaculture systems.  Placards with informative descriptions and laminated diagrams accompany each installation. The festival-goers can informally peruse through the garden, meandering at their own pace.  Alternatively they can seek out the conversation and advise of a Garden Host. These volunteers, with a background in horticulture gardening and permaculture, can answer questions and help the patrons design and plan a garden space back home.


 Garden Tour Points -

    Seed starting tables

Cold Frames



Willow Bender

Potato towers

Vertical Gardens

Food Forests

Rainwater Catchment


Compost - Soil building

Keyhole Gardens

Cob Oven

Cob wall

Round Timber Framing

Nurse Logs

Pollinator Gardens

Herb Spirals

Straw Bale Gardens

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