Growing and preparing food is an integral part to the SOULPATCH vision. Back in 2015, as the first permanent gardens were being designed and built, the first earth oven was constructed and nestled under a 10x10 temporary pop-up tent to provide food for the SCMF family during the festival. The oven, the sixth constructed by the group, was built by co-founders of the international natural building network, It was built in four days as part of a Natural Building workshop. After collapsing in 2016 because of prolonged direct rainfall, the oven was rebuilt and has become the warmth, the heart and fire, of the commons safe space that SOULPATCH serves as for the festival-goers. 


The oven now resides under a beautiful round-wood timber-framed structure that has quickly become a permanent kitchen space, open for the public during weekends where there are not events scheduled. In the next few years, we hope to harvest organic produce grown on-site at SOULPATCH to prepare and cook in the oven, providing a truly hyper-local and unique food experience.

Since its conception, Leah, Loren, Michael and Joana have come up from the mid-Appalachian foothills of Kentucky to serve local, organic, healthy food from the 100% wood-fired earth oven. The popular pão com chouriço, or "chorizo stuffed bread," is a traditional street food in Portugal, where Joana immigrated to the USA from. 

Make sure to swing on by to get some Portuguese street food and a local herbal iced tea this year! 

Earth 'n Fire Cob Oven

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