an interactive educational garden

located at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL. 

WE openly collaborate 

with educators,

organizations and businesses

to demonstrate a variety of growing methods,

natural building techniques, and permaculture systems.



to support a vision of strong communities

engaged in the social and economic health

of local bioregional food culture.

Initiated as part of

Summer Camp Music Festival

in 2016 the space is transforming to host workshops

throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

2021 SCMF
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2016 Recap Videos


A chance to not only connect with like minded people but to bring the ideals of regenerative lifestyles to the community. The best way to lead people or get them interested is with your own example. So, the fact that so many people come back year after year will only help us get even more people interested in a better way of life.

-David Combs, Chillicothe Il 

Tony Vasquez - SummerCamp_May 23, 2019_T
Scamp 2019 Aaron Bradley-146.jpg
Tony Vasquez - SummerCamp_May 23, 2019_T

Learning and use of critical thinking to solve real world tasks and the ability to skill share with patience and understanding.

-Dan Vivas, Grand Rapids MI

 An Oasis of:

Green Plants, Flowers, Kindred Spirits, Culture, Learning, Love, Diversity
Honey, Art &Music 🎶

-Gina Ford-McCoy, Edwards IL 





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